NSDTA 2017 Joan Carrera Conference Scholarships

NSDTA 2016 Joan Carrera Conference Scholarships

The National Staff Development and Training Association (NSDTA) is a multidisciplinary organization of training and development professionals for programs that serve vulnerable children, adults, families, and communities. NSDTA members represent the full range of functions in staff development and training:

  • Instruction/training
  • Organizational development
  • Evaluation and research
  • Program development and curriculum design
  • Management of training and staff development
  • Human resource planning
  • Communication and administrative support

NSDTA’s 2017 Annual Conference will be held September 17th - 20th in Savannah, GA.


What are Joan Carrera Conference Scholarships?

Joan Carrera was a pioneer in staff development and training, a mentor, an inspiration, and a founding member of NSDTA. Due to her generosity, NSDTA is able to offer conference scholarships in her name to people involved in training and staff development in public human services agencies. In 2000 NSDTA began to offer scholarships.  Joan and her husband, Louis Carrera, established the Joan Carrera Memorial Scholarship Trust which has been used since 2007 to underwrite the scholarships.  The Carrera’s generous support allows scholarship recipients to attend the conference at no cost.  Scholarships are open to anyone who provides training to public human services employees.


Scholarships Include:

  • Conference registration
  • Pre-conference workshops
  • Hotel room for conference nights
  • Travel to and from the conference
  • Per diem for conference days

NSDTA’s annual conference brings together agency trainers, training managers and other people who support staff development, as well as university partners and others who provide training to public human services employees.  Conference attendees participate in a variety of workshops, seminars, and other networking opportunities. Workshop topics range from those concerning trainer competency development to the management of training programs, from needs assessment to evaluation, from child welfare to eligibility and welfare-to-work, and from simple flipchart usage to powerful web-based online presentations. These conferences have proven to be excellent vehicles for human services training professionals to learn about the latest information, research, techniques, equipment, and materials used in the management and delivery of training and staff development.


Criteria for Joan Carrera Scholarship:

  1. Any person who has duties or responsibilities to provide public human services training and staff development is eligible, i.e. staff working for public agencies, university based training programs or those who provide training on a contract basis to public human services agencies. 

    The nominated person may hold a wide variety of job duties. These duties can include: manager, administrative support, trainer, curriculum developer, organizational development, IT support or developer, E-Learning specialist, evaluator or researcher of training, coach or mentor, human resource specialist, etc.

    The nominated person can be someone who is new to the profession or experienced in any of these roles.

  2. Any person who has never attended an NSDTA National Conference or who has not attended in the last three years.

  3. Nominations for a scholarship can come from any source. Self nominations are encouraged.
  4. Applications must be submitted on the designated application form and must be complete with regard to all information requested.
  5. The application MUST include a recommendation from the supervisor of the nominee (if an agency or university employee) or public agency manager (if a contractor) stating how the conference will benefit the nominee and the training program. This recommendation is a critical part of the decision process and should include specific examples of how the scholarship winner and supervisor/manger/professor will work together after the conference to transfer the learning to the agency or training program.
  6. If more than one person is nominated by an agency or program, each nominee should be ranked by priority in the event that only one scholarship is available for the agency or program.

Nominations Due:  Summer 2017 (Date TBD)


Notification:  Nominees will be contacted no later than July 31, 2017.


If you have any questions, contact the NSDTA Awards Chair
karyn.schimmels@state.or.us or 503-559-1455